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  • A Trip to California

    Tis course should help pupils to learn English. The course offers some on line games such as crossroads, multiple choice quizzes etc.Authors: German teachers coordinated by the University of Koblenz LandauThe main objective of the Learning Game project is to promote the application of innovative strategies and solutions to education, making an effective use of videogames as ...

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  • New York Photo Tour

    As our logo implys, we love photos of New York! While words convey a lot about a city, nothing makes you more excited than seeing pictures. Browse through these photos of New York to see the most famous as well as the more obscure New York attractions. Explore the New York Photo Tour and use it to help plan you next outing in the Big Apple.

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  • 3 Days in New York City

    On your trip you will see many different sights and you will go to a musical. Now please join a team of 5 pupils and work together to design a brochure/a poster about New York with photographs, maps, description of the sights and a weather report. Get ready for an unforgettable trip to the Big Apple!

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  • Ms. Rooney’s New York City Webquest!

    Have you ever wanted to come visit New York City? The city provides many opportunities for educational and fun activities. New York City is a cultural hub that features numerous activities such as visiting: aquariums, museums, zoos, Broadway, or just taking a walk through the various neighborhoods such as SoHo and Chinatown.

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  • Big Apple Tour

    New York is one of the most exciting places in the world, but whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s so much to choose from that it’s often confusing and intimidating. Let the Web come to your rescue! It’s full of great information and ways to get just what you want.

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  • Kurzgesagt

    Kurzgesagt (German for ”in a nutshell”) is a Munich-based YouTube channel and design studio that beautifully blends animation, illustration, interactives, and well-themed music to help explain a variety of educational and popular topics (2015).

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  • Mapping a New Nation: Abel Buell’s Map of the United States, 1784

    This online exhibit looks at a map created in March of 1784 - the very first map of the newly independent United States, in addition eight other 18th century maps of the U.S. (Library of Congress 2014).

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  • CALM AFTER THE STORM: Examining Changes in Sri Lankan Society in the Wake of the Tsunami

    In this lesson, students will create posters providing information about Sri Lanka’s history and society both before and after the tsunami. They then write response papers considering the future of this small country devastated by the natural disaster (NEW YORK TIMES LESSON PLAN, 5.1.2005).

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  • Waves of Destruction: Tsunamis (Tsunami Attack animation)

    Though it's true that tsunamis are ocean waves, calling them by the same name as the ordinary wind-driven variety is a bit like referring to firecrackers and atomic warheads both as ”explosives.” Triggered by volcanic eruptions, landslides, earthquakes, and even impacts by asteroids or comets, a tsunami represents a vast volume of seawater in motion -- the source of ...

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  • Learning about Rain Forests around the World

    In this lesson, students learn about rain forests around the world, using the Barro Colorado biological reserve in the Panama Canal as a starting point. They then take part in a mock international summit, in which they present information on the challenges facing these rain forests and the initiatives in place to preserve and protect them. (New York Times Lesson Plan ...

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