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  • Learn Chemistry: Chemistry Resources for Teachers

    The Royal Society of Chemistry has created this most useful website to help teachers and students of chemistry learn about the field via interactive experiments, diagrams, animations, and so on (UK 2012).

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  • High School Chemistry Education Resources

    Resources for high school chemistry teachers, Classroom Teaching Resources to Education Standards to Professional Development (The American Chemistry Society (ACS 2016).

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  • Chemistry Homepage

    The chemistry web of the Open Door Website is arranged in sections appropriate for different age groups (2014).

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  • Science360: Chemistry

    Visitors can learn about the chemistry of condiments, explosive ”sniffing” plants, and the chemical reactions that make chocolate. The videos that illustrate each topic are fun? (National Science Foundation? usa 2011).

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  • Royal Society of Chemistry: Education

    Resources for teachers and students (UK 2014)

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  • Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

    Organic chemistry textbook, divided into the two overarching topics of General Principles and Functional Group Reactions, by William H. Reusch, emeritus professor at Michigan State University (2016)

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  • National Science Foundation: Chemistry & Materials Classroom Resources

    Resources for educators related to chemistry, many of which come from the National Science Digital Library (USA 2014).

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  • Practical Chemistry

    Collection of experiments that demonstrate a wide range of chemical concepts and processes (Nuffield Foundation, USA 2012)

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  • Creative Chemistry

    The site collects hundreds of worksheets, teaching notes, and interactive quizzes for educators to use as they see fit. The site is maintained by Nigel Saunders, who has a biochemistry doctorate from the University of York, and includes twenty different thematic areas, including Balancing Equations, Concentration Game, The Slide Puzzle, and Chemistry Calculator (U.K. ...

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  • Master Organic Chemistry: Resource Guide

    Online courses, teaching websites, online textbooks, online quizzes, online exams, and more (USA 2016)

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